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Trujillo hasn't yet picked candidate to back (A few seconds ago)
Former city solicitor Ken Trujillo tells Philly Clout he hasn't yet decided if he's going to back likely mayoral candidate City Councilman Jim Kenney -- or anyone else currently in the race, for that matter.

Confirmed: Lynne Abraham opposed to animal cruelty (A few seconds ago)
Animal Advocates for Lynne have released a YouTube video backing the former District Attorney's mayoral campaign.

Trujillo sending staff, money to Kenney? (3 hours ago)
A source tells Philly Clout former mayoral candidate Ken Trujillo is set to throw staff and money that he assembled for his run to likely candidate Councilman Jim Kenney.

2016 DNC to be held July 25 (Yesterday)
The 2016 Democratic National Convention will be held the week of July 25, 2016, the national committee announced Friday.

Kenney to release statement today on mayoral run (Yesterday)
The legislative director for City Councilman Jim Kenney said a statement will be released later today about whether Kenney will run for mayor.

Trujillo throws support to Alba Martinez, she declines (2 days ago)
Former City Solicitor Ken Trujillo, who dropped out of the mayor's race yesterday, has thrown his support – which could include considerable sums of money – behind former city Human Services Commissioner Alba Martinez.

Fran Bielli to serve as interim CIO of Phila pension board (2 days ago)
Francis Bielli, executive director of the Philadelphia Board of Pensions and Retirement, will be serving as the board's interim chief investment officer; PICA pension report gets slammed.

Ethics Board says state Supreme Court opinion on litigation and campaign finance is wrong (3 days ago)
With the race to replace Mayor Nutter heating up, the city’s Board of Ethics is trying to correct a state Supreme Court ruling that, in part, said litigation fund committees may accept unlimited contributions.

Trujillo out of mayor's race (3 days ago)
Former city solicitor Ken Trujillo suddenly withdrew from the mayor's race today.

City to give hiring preferences to AmeriCorps members (1/12/2015)
Americorps and Peacecorps volunteers will qualify for up to 5 points on Philadelphia's civil service exam.

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