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Jones, Sanchez endorse non-incumbent Isaiah Thomas for Council (5 hours ago)
The endorsements are significant given the crowded field of 21 candidates, including four incumbents trying to hold on to their seats despite low ballot positions.

Mayoral candidates make their pitch to LGBT community (13 hours ago)
The Williams Way LGBT Community Center was abuzz Wednesday night with mayoral and judicial candidates giving their best elevator pitch to an audience of mostly members and supporters of the LGBT community.

Dark money PAC in need of paper clips (Yesterday)
The PAC is having a field office opening Tuesday and requesting "house warming" office supply donations ranging from tables and printing toner to clipboards and file folders.

Williams also gets some LGBT love (Yesterday)
Nearly two weeks after several LGBT leaders stood around the William Way Community Center expressing their support for Jim Kenney in the mayoral race, another group of LGBT leaders got together inside the same building to support rival Anthony H. Williams.

Eva Longoria's political org backs Diaz for mayor (Yesterday)
The national group, co-founded by actress Eva Longoria, endorsed Nelson Diaz in the mayoral race.

City: $5 million uncollected from dog license fees each year (Yesterday)
The city controller released a report today that found less than five percent of Philadelphians license their dog with the city, as required.

Unions clash (politely) in NE Philly special election (2 days ago)
Mid-day report from today's 170th state House District special election in Northeast Philadelphia

Six ways Kenney says he'd clean up City Hall (2 days ago)
Here are six good-government policies Kenney said he’d push for if elected.

Racial politics in the race for City Council's 2nd District seat? (3 days ago)
There's only one thing for certain about City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson's speech to ex-offenders at a city recreation center Saturday -- he no longer wants to talk about the "plantation mentality."

Council candidate in 9th district loses petition challenge, withdraws from race (3 days ago)
Archye Leacock, founder of a North Philadelphia nonprofit lost a petition challenge and withdrew from the race Monday.

Manny Morales fights back (6 days ago)
Manny Morales is in for the fight. The City Council candidates accused of posting racist, antigay and anti-poor messages on his Facebook page, said at a Friday news conference that he is staying in the 7th Councilmanic District race.

Carpenters to pay fine for violating campaign finance law (7 days ago)
The Carpenters PAC of Phila & Vicinity, a major supporter of state Sen. Anthony H. Williams, agreed to pay a $1,000 fine for donating $21,500 to the mayoral candidate in one calendar year.

City to invest $4 million in stabilization of Germantown YWCA; reissue RFP (7 days ago)
Turns out the Germantown YWCA is not about to crumble down. Not “imminently” at least. The historic building, which has suffered various fires, severe vandalism and sat vacant for years deteriorating away, was deemed to be “unsafe” and not the most severe of the building stability categories, “imminently dangerous,” Councilwoman Cindy Bass said Thursday.

Ethics Board to Nutter (and Inspector General): Get off our turf (3/18/2015)
The Board of Ethics is trying to keep its turf before the next mayor comes into office. Board members agreed Wednesday to send a letter to Mayor Nutter asking he amend an executive order he signed in October. That order expands the powers of the OIG's office and could create a conflict between the two agencies, ethics board staff said.

Williams gets No. 1 mayoral ballot spot, at-large incumbents not so lucky (3/18/2015)
Candidates for mayor, city commissioner, city council and sheriff all drew ballot positions this morning. One by one they came up to a podium to pull a little blue or red ball out of a tin coffee can in an ornate 6th floor courtroom.

No quorum for PICA... again. (3/18/2015)
For the second consecutive month, the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority (PICA), the city’s fiscal overseer, is not meeting because the majority of its members have not been appointed.

Council candidate Morales denies posting hateful Facebook messages (3/17/2015)
Manny Morales is “categorically denying” personally posting any of the objectionable messages.

City councilwoman says opponent posted racist messages on Facebook (3/16/2015)
A Philadelphia city councilwoman is accusing her party-endorsed rival of posting dozens of ultra-conservative, racist and homophobic messages on Facebook.

Milton Street's candidacy challenged in court (3/16/2015)
A local labor leader challenged in court Monday the mayoral candidacy of T. Milton Street Sr., claiming the former state senator is not a registered Democrat and does not live in Philadelphia.

Kenney lands AFL-CIO endorsement (3/13/2015)
Former Councilman James F. Kenney received another labor endorsement Friday, signaling that he is the labor community’s mayoral candidate of choice. The Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO, which is comprised of more than 100 local labor unions representing 130,000 working in the public sector, private industry, and the building and construction trades, is endorsing Kenney for mayor.

Williams wants to increase car registration fees to pay for potholes and more (3/13/2015)
State Sen. Anthony H. Williams said Friday that if elected mayor, he would look to increase vehicle registration fees by $5 in Philadelphia to create a recurring revenue stream for the city Streets Department.

Kenney receives LGBT endorsement (3/13/2015)
Former City Councilman James F. Kenney received an endorsement for mayor from Philadelphia’s LGBT leaders.

Diaz releases policy ideas on public safety and ethics (3/13/2015)
Mayoral candidate Nelson Diaz wants to reform Stop & Frisk and create an ethics czar position within city government, according to his new policy platforms. With two months left until the primary election, Diaz and the other five mayoral candidates are starting to release their policy platforms on specific issues, such as education and economic development. Here is a look at Diaz's most recent policy proposals.

Meet the coffee can that can make or break candidates (3/13/2015)
A Horn & Hardart's coffee can has for decades brought joy or dejection to political candidates, becoming a well-known City Hall icon for ballot fortune, good or bad. Meet Mr. Horn N Hardart. The icon now has a Facebook page.

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