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Wednesday's DN: Streets of fury (A few seconds ago)

Hear no evil, see no evil... (8 hours ago)

State Senator, a likely 2015 mayoral candidate, launches web site (10 hours ago)
State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams, a West Philly Democrat, today launched a new web site encouraging visitors to "Join Team Tony" -- one more sign that he intends to run for mayor next year.

Tuesday's DN: Devil of a job (15 hours ago)

Tayoun changes tune on Public Record's "Chinky Winky" photo caption (Yesterday)
Jimmy Tayoun, publisher of the Philadelphia Public Record, says he has fired the employee who wrote a series of racial slurs that appeared in a photo caption of Thursday's edition.

Monday's DN: Corbett & Wolf & the tricky politics of taxes (Yesterday)

City inks contract with blue collar workers...five years late (4 days ago)
Mayor Nutter today touched pen to paper, inking a deal with District Council 33, the union that represents 10,000 blue-collar city workers. The deal comes more than five years late. DC33's last contract ended in mid-2009.

Kane's press office pick decides to stay put (8/18/2014)
Gone before he started. That's what happened to Chris Kelly who was supposed to join Attorney General Kathleen Kane's turnover-plagued press team next month.

Wolf, Corbett troll for votes at farm expo (8/14/2014)
For a few days in August thousands of farmers from across the state turn off their tractors and head over to the Penn State ag research center near State College to learn about the latest agriculture innovations - the newest "liquid containment systems" (otherwise known as manure pits), the latest in cow cooling technology and GPS systems for planting. On at least one of those days farmers are trailed by political candidates who flock to Ag Progress Days in search of votes.On Wednesday Gov. Corbett and his Democratic challenger Tom Wolf both had their chance to make farm friendly pitches to rural voters at the annual government and industry day luncheon.

2016 convention host selection panel gets Philly welcome (8/13/2014)

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