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Philly cig tax passes House (3 hours ago)
After a months-long delay, the state House approved a bill authorizing the city of Philadelphia to impose a tax on cigarettes to fund schools.

Monday's DN: PA needs better voter turn-out in the race for governor (12 hours ago)

Is Gov. Corbett's next headache a big batch of porny emails? (3 days ago)
A big batch of porny emails may be the very last thing Gov. Corbett, trailing badly in the polls to Democrat Tom Wolf, needs to hear about right now.

Friday's DN: A billion dollars here, a billion there...adds up to a race for governor (3 days ago)
In Clout today, the political fuss this week about Gov. Corbett taking a $1.5 billion line of credit to pay the state's bills highlights a central policy dispute with Democrat Tom Wolf in the race for governor

Council approves voter referendum on abolishing SRC (4 days ago)
City Council today approved in a 15-1 vote a measure to place on the ballot a non-binding referendum asking voters if they want to abolish the School Reform Commission. The question now: Will Mayor Nutter sign the legislation into law, allowing the measure to appear on the Nov. 4 general election ballot?

Thursday's DN: The "Me too!" phase of the 2015 mayor's race (4 days ago)

Abraham to run for Mayor (4 days ago)
Former Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham has decided she will run for mayor.

Mini Liberty Bells not so embarrassing anymore for City Councilman (5 days ago)
Those mini Liberty Bells might not be so embarrassing after all. Councilman David Oh, who has previously questioned the purpose of Mayor Nutter’s international travels and criticized the little Liberty Bells given to foreign dignitaries, is embarking Wednesday on a week-long trade mission to Korea. And he is bringing little bells with him.

Auditor General wants Corbett to explain millions spent on insurance progam (6 days ago)
The state's fiscal watchdog is raising questions about the Corbett's administration expenditure of $48 million on preparations to launch Pennsylvania's health insurance program for the working poor.

City property tax relief program extended (9/12/2014)
A citywide tax relief program has been extended to allow more people to apply.

No SRC but voters will face questions on debt, sustainability and prisons (9/12/2014)
Now that we know the question of whether voters want the School Reform Commission to be dissolved will not be on the November ballot, we look at what questions will be on there.

DC 33 agrees to new contract (9/9/2014)
Philadelphia’s largest municipal union has agreed to a new contract that will give its 9,000 members immediate raises yet force them to pay a pinch more toward the city’s underfunded pension system.

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