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Inventory confirms loss of hundreds of items in Flight 93 archives (12 hours ago)
An inventory has revealed the worst fears of the staff at the Flight 93 National Memorial. The Oct. 3 fire that destroyed the park headquarters in Shanksville also destroyed hundreds of photographs, recordings and other artifacts - virtually all of them irreplaceable, the National Park Service said in a press release Friday.

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Meter still running on city gas deal (Yesterday)

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Bill to create Vacant Property Task Force moves forward (2 days ago)
City Council’s Committee on Licenses and Inspections moved forward Thursday with a bill that would create a Vacant Property Task Force comprised of various city agencies to catalog and inspect large vacant commercial properties.

Committee of Seventy names new CEO (2 days ago)
Philadelphia government watchdog group Committee of Seventy has named its new leader. David B. Thornburgh, executive director of the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania, will be taking the helm in December.

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Gun used in hold up of lawmakers reported stolen (7 days ago)
The Senate on Thursday approved a bill giving standing to the NRA and other groups seeking to sue municipalities which enact ordinances tougher than the state. The vote came less than 24 hours after two House lawmakers were held up at gun point a few blocks from the Capitol. One of the lawmakers, Rep. Marty Flynn (D., Luzerne), also was armed and engaged in a shoot out with the suspect. No one was hurt and four teens were arrested and charged in the crime.

Job creation tax credit to be extended to five years (7 days ago)
City Council approved Thursday to extend a job creation tax credit for businesses that hire and pay new employees at least $12 an hour. The Living Wage Job Creation Tax Credit Bill extends a $5,000 tax break from one year to five years.

Land Bank board clears another hurdle (10/16/2014)
One more hurdle has been cleared in the lengthy process to get a land bank up and running in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Land Bank Board held a two-hour long public hearing Wednesday in which it received feedback on the strategic plan the board plans to submit to City Council.

Senate approves bill to allow gun groups standing to sue over local laws (10/16/2014)
The Senate approved a measure that would give gun groups - including the National Rifle Association - standing to sue municipalties that enact their own gun laws and require them to pay the aggrieved party's legal fees.

Two lawmakers involved in shoot-out with robbers near Capitol (10/15/2014)
Two Democratic state lawmakers escaped harm Tuesday night when one of them engaged in a shootout with a would-be robber on a street four blocks from the Capitol, officials said

Corbett signs bill expanding testing for newborns (10/15/2014)
Before the end of the year hospitals in Pensylvania will be required to test newborns for certain rare disorders where early detection could help save lives.

City Controller finds excessive payments in Public Property (10/15/2014)
The city’s Department of Public Property City overpaid nearly $650,000 within a three-year span ending in 2013, Controller Alan Butkovitz found.

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