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The unlikely bromance that became likely: Nutter and Kenney (Yesterday)
The former City Councilman who was often critical of the Nutter administration during his time on council stood side by side the Mayor Thursday praising his work.

Phila property tax revenue declines again (2 days ago)
Real estate tax collection has declined in Philadelphia for the second year in a row, starving the school district of at least $12 million.

First some bond work, now a board appointment (3 days ago)

Philadelphia City Council website hacked (3 days ago)
The website for Philadelphia's City Council was hacked Wednesday morning.

The tradition continues: Famous and Relish (4 days ago)
The tradition continued for the umpteenth time Tuesday. Politicians and other movers and shakers from around the city made their stopped at Famous 4th Street Deli in South Philadelphia and at Relish in the Northwest part the city. And as always both scenes were quite lively.

Charter school boss tells teachers Helen Gym 'hates us'? (4 days ago)
The head of popular Boys' Latin charter school apparently sent out an email today telling teachers not to vote for city council candidate Helen Gym. Repeatedly.

Scenes from the deli (4 days ago)
The door to Famous 4th Street Deli swung open again and again today as a long-standing local Election Day ritual was repeated.

Ronnie Polaneczky: Dispatches from the polls (4 days ago)
Daily News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky is all over the place today. Here are a few folks she chatted up so far.

How does a campaign spend $1 million? (4 days ago)
No one said mayoral campaigns are cheap. Anthony H. Williams and James Kenney have each spent at least $1 million. We break down how each campaign spent the money.

Pension posturing (5 days ago)

Outside groups spending big for Kenney as election nears (5/15/2015)
A week after the campaign finance guns were shown by the top three mayoral candidates, James Kenney, Anthony H. Williams and Lynne Abraham are continuing to gather ammunition. Last week’s campaign finance reporting deadline showed that Kenney and Williams had raised $1.3 million each and Abraham raised $1 million. Since then, any campaign that receives or gives a donation of more than $500 must report it within 24-hours.

Council President gifts big checks to Council colleagues (5/12/2015)
The Council President recently flung the money chest open and is helping out his Council colleagues who face a tough fight at the polls next week, as well as one Council newcomer running unopposed.

Hiring and firing now up to PA AG Kane's embattled chief of staff (5/11/2015)

Bills for women (5/11/2015)

NJ union carpenters spend big for Jim Kenney (5/11/2015)
Building a Better PA Fund, an independent expenditure political action committee running television ads in support of Former City Councilman Jim Kenney's bid for mayor, raised almost $1.5 million in 2015, according to a campaign finance report filed Friday The report had one big surprise: Half the money raised -- $725,000 -- came from union carpenters in New Jersey.

Stock traders sink $6.65 million into Williams campaign for mayor (5/11/2015)
American Cities, a pro-Anthony Hardy Williams PAC, raised $6,830,000 in 2015. Of that, 97.4 percent came from the founders of Susquehanna International Group.

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